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Dine big, pay small

Book the best restaurants, get time-dependent discounts every day
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The Big Smoke, the Great Wen, London Town - whatever you call it, London could just be the greatest city on earth. This ancient metropolis nestled in Southeast England is as iconic as it is impressive - with towering gothic spires, ancient cobbled streets and ultra-modern architecture, marking London as the predominant centre of global innovation.

This is truly a city of contrasts - old and new, glass and stone, tradition and modernity rub shoulders on every street. It’s this rich diversity that’s helped to shape London as an emerging foodie paradise; with over 300 languages spoken throughout the city in 2019, London is quickly shaking off its dated reputation as a city of jellied eels and soggy pies. These days, you’d faster find a bespoke Korean taco on the streets of Shoreditch than you would a sad cucumber sandwich of old - and we, for one, are delighted.

Discover the best places to eat out in London

London’s best restaurants are not always the most obvious ones. High tea at The Savoy might be an option for some, but amazing places to eat in London for a fraction of the cost can be found on almost every street of this buzzing capital. With DiscoEat, you can browse top-rated restaurants based on your location or favourite district, or even simply by cuisine. Then all you need to do is to book a table, and simply enjoy a tasty discount on your meal for your troubles!

How to book a table in London with DiscoEat

It’s so simple:

  • Access the platform on a web or mobile device
  • Select the area you want to dine in and filter by cuisine
  • Reserve a table at one of our top-rated restaurant partners
  • Choose the time combination that fits you best and book

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