Clapham, Brixton and Battersea

Clapham Area - Historic, cultural hub south of the river

Clapham, Brixton and Battersea are three of the most popular London districts located south of the iconic River Thames. Stereotypes of the north being posh and the south being poor are trite and outdated, and miss the point of the Clapham area completely. Markets, pubs and parks are rife across this region of central London, with eclectic music venues and cultural hubs drawing people from across the city, country, and indeed globe. 

Clapham Common is the spiritual centre of Clapham, with Londoners of young and old gathering to enjoy the gorgeous lake and clean air. Head to popular Venn Street Market on a Saturday between 10 am and 4 pm to sample local produce and foods before heading to one of the many famous pubs, bars and theatres around. 

Surrounding areas of Battersea and Brixton are also superb areas for culture and dining. Brixton is famous for its large Afro-Caribbean and migrant population, and by virtue of this is stuffed to the rafters with exciting and dynamic restaurants, as well as salons, shops, and live music venues. It’s an absolute must for anyone who is interested in modern British culture, as much of its music and indeed foodie culture originates in and around Brixton. Battersea is ostensibly less iconic, but no less fun. Head to Battersea Park on a sunny day and you’ll never want to leave, but luckily you won't have far to go to find some of the best coffee, cocktails and food in London! 

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Cool, quirky, varied and vibrant. What else could you possibly want in a restaurant scene? Head to the Clapham area and you’ll see how people in the know live and eat south of the river. From classic chippies, to awesome Afro-Caribbean eateries, to hipster burger places, to ridiculous Russian, eastern, and Middle-Eastern restaurants, you certainly won’t go hungry in Clapham, Brixton or Battersea. Simply head to, or download the app, to see where the best places to eat around you are. And, when you book a table with DiscoEat, you’ll save a big bite off your bill at the end! 

How to book a table in London with DiscoEat

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