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Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani Cuisine

The UK has always had a long and passionate love affair with curry. Not only has chicken tikka masala overtaken fish and chips as Britain’s favourite dish, but curry is so well loved here that it contributes £5bn to the British economy every year. This is thanks to the large numbers of Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani migrants that came over during the mid-20th century, and brought with them their delicious food and cooking techniques. 

However, there’s a disconnect between what Brits think of as traditional Indian cuisine, and what is authentically Indian. For example, chicken tikka masala is thought to be invented by a Pakistani chef - in a Glasgow curry house, and Bhuna is generally acknowledged to be a Bangladeshi dish. Also, any orders of ‘curry’ in India will be met with a blank stare - it’s the anglicized version of the Tamil word kari, simply meaning sauce. However, London’s Indian areas are the place to discover Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi restaurants at their best, be it for Indian street food, authentic London curry houses, or authentic Bangladeshi and Pakistani dishes in their finest and most authentic forms. Or, you can go for 100% British chips and curry - we won’t judge!

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