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Middle Eastern Cuisine

Long considered one of the healthiest and most colourful cuisines, London’s Middle Eastern restaurants are renowned the world over. Thanks to the city’s staggering diversity, you will find Turkish pizzas, Lebanese kebabs, Egyptian salads and Palestinian rice dishes - served in their purest form and possibly all on the same street. The food from this transcontinental region is somewhat in vogue at the moment, and more and more people are beginning to know their shawarma from their donair. However, on the streets of the Big Smoke you’re guaranteed to find a few Middle Eastern dishes that’ll surprise even the most jaded food fanatics - as well as a generous dollop of classics, cooked to perfection, and often very reasonably priced. (Still, a discount couldn’t hurt, could it?) Do yourself a flavour favour and reserve a table at one of the best Middle Eastern restaurants London has to offer!

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